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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        April 14, 2014
    • I used to shoot quite a lot and had owned some nice cues but over the years but due to moving across the country, I seem to have lost them along the way.Well,last January a friend asked me to shoot on his APA team in an upcoming session, before remembering I no longer owned a cue, I agreed. I started looking around online and came across PoolDawg(I chose them because I just move out here from Colorado, where they are located)I started looking at some cues and the Lucasi cues really caught my eye. They are a great looking cue and their performance is top notch. The first night I used my new cue, I was sold. The cue shaft glides smoothly, the control over the cue ball is fantastic. The only thing I would have done differently was to put a custom tip on the shaft. The tip it came with became misshapen quite quickly and I use very little english unless otherwise necessary. Other than the tip, I strongly suggest this cue! I have had many compliments on the cue and have even been offered almost twice what I paid for it! I am hooked on Lucasi brand cues. If I ever by another cue, it will be a Lucasi.

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        January 14, 2014
    • I was recently talked into returning to APA league play after a 10 year hiatus(marriage). I needed a new cue so after browsing through many cues on I purchased a Lucasi LZE7 and I must say that it is the best cue I have ever used and I have owned McDermotts, Meuccis, and Joss brand cues. None of those cues offered me the control and smooth stroke that this Lucasi did. My first match after my 10 year layoff was a race to three in which I won 3-0 in 15 innings(I do not think that is too bad after 10 years) I would recommend this cue to any and everybody. Great cue for a reasonable price. If you are a player who relies on a moderate stroke and strong cue ball control, this is the cue for you. BUY THIS CUE! you will not regret it!


Location: Summit Point WV

Playing Cue: Lucasi LZE7
Break Cue:
Jump Cue:
Cue Case: PoolDawg 1x1 Hard Case
Cue Accessory: Tip Pik