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        December 6, 2013
    • My NG04 arrived today. I noticed that the advertised "Extra 12.5" Black Jump Handle' was not included. Upon calling their customer service department, I was informed that this handle is no longer sold by pooldawg and should not be included under the specifications. I only paid the extra money for this cue, as opposed to the non-wrapped NG01, because I wanted the handle (not listed under the NG01 specs). I was disappointed to find that it was not included.

      I have yet to shoot with the cue, so I cannot provide feedback yet with regards to its performance. I just wanted to warn other buyers as to what they will receive upon ordering this product.

      Note from PoolDawg: This model used to come with the jumper handle, but it no longer does (and we were unable to source one from McDermott). We apologized for the confusion with this and offered to get it back with a prepaid shipping label. The customer declined our offer at that time, but the offer certainly still stands. We're more than happy to get this back from you for a full refund and will absolutely pay for the shipping to get it back. Just contact us if you change your mind!

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