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Team PoolDawg

If you've ever called us here at PoolDawg, chances are you've talked to Mike, Keven, Alexis or Mariya. Since you took the time to call us and stopped by the site (or the blog) we figured we'd take the time to introduce ourselves. Before we get to the introductions though, we wanted to share a few facts about PoolDawg with you (you can also click here for our customer service and shipping details).

  • Employees at PoolDawg actually play pool!
  • We've been around for a pretty long time (we started back in 2003).
  • PoolDawg Billiards Specialists are here in Colorado to not only take orders but also answer any questions you have. When you call PoolDawg, you'll be talking to a PoolDawg employee, not an outsourced call center.
  • Our goal is to get your order to you as soon as possible. If your order for an in stock item is placed before 1PM MST, we'll ship it out that same day.
  • We take the time to check your pool cue for straightness before it ships out. If on the off chance you do get a product that doesn't meet your satisfaction, just call us and we'll get it taken care of.
  • We have the best mascot in the billiards industry.

But the most important fact of all... everyone at PoolDawg loves to have fun. We love the sport of pool, we love going to amateur and pro events to meet our customers and we love to make our customers happy.  Here are the folks you're doing business with:

Mike Feiman is PoolDawg's fearful leader and resident marketing guy. If he's not on vacation or at the doctor fighting off his recurring case of hypochondria, he's the guy who takes care of all the advertising, marketing and all that other jazz.  

Being from LA, he's a diehard Dodgers fan and will happily relive the Kirk Gibson 1988 home run anytime the topic of baseball comes up.  He is by far the lousiest pool player in the office and routinely gets run out by everyone, including Frank T. Dawg.

Keven heads up customer service and the all encompassing black hole otherwise known as "operations". He does some of the tech stuff, some of the product stuff, some of the database stuff and just plain kills on the grill every Friday.

When he's not jamming some crunchy Widespread Panic grooves, he's reviving PoolDawg's music tradition of Gangsta Fridays.  He's also from the pool capitol of the world, Wisconsin, so if you hear someone shouting "Yeah Braunie!!" in the background, don't worry, as it's just Keven listening to a Brewers game.

As one of the OG's of Team PoolDawg, our resident Indian Princess Alexis has seen her role grow and change over the years. She's our customer service trainer, our photo editor, our problem solver and as a result of her dedication to both APA and BCA, she's our go to person for product knowledge. She's also our own resident master chef, always supplying the office with lasagna balls, taco pizza, seven layer dip and all sorts of other forms of deliciousness.

When she's not playing pool, she's busy working on earning the Colorado Sports Trifecta. After receiving a red card for sharing her feelings about Kobe and the Lakers at a Nuggets game, she's turned her focus to collecting red cards from Coors Field and Mile High Invesco Field Sports Authority Stadium.

Mariya is both a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll.  She actually lives on a farm, complete with horses, roosters and chickens, and digs camping and hanging out by the lake, but she also appreciates the hip and the hop that all the young kids seem to be listening to nowadays.  

If she ever decides to ride her horse Sadie to work, we'll have a teambuilding exercise and build a hitching post just for her.

Megan is the newest member of the PoolDawg Team.  When she isn't talking pool with our customer she enjoys hiking and hanging out with her family.  She doesn't have any children so her attendance is amazing and we are super lucky to have her at PoolDawg.         

Megan has a very sweet and helpful persona but once she warms up to you a bit, watch out.  Girl has some wicked comebacks causing the rest of the PoolDawg staff to "get some ice for that burn"!

When it comes to pool expertise, we always turn to Brent. He's mostly retired, but we still drag him out to shows anyway. Brent goes a bit beyond the title "avid fan" when it comes to pool. He plays in leagues, he refs matches and loves just about everything pool related, especially the WPBA.

When he's not playing pool, you'll find him hunting or crying about how the Cleveland Indians almost won the World Series back in the day or how Albert Belle was was totally set up with that whole corked bat thing.

Pool player, writer, entrepreneur, part time Frank Handler and the ubiquitous "what's in the case" lady, Samm Diep has been a loyal friend of the Dawg for years. Even though Samm only comes in to go to lunch and gossip with Mike, she'll always be a member of the PoolDawg family.  Plus, she writes some completely awesome articles just for us every month which you can find here.

We're also happy to report that she's back to blogging on a regular basis, so be sure to check out her unique blog stylings.

The Team PoolDawg page would not be complete without our beloved mascot, Frank T. Dawg. If you've been to any BCA, APA or WPBA tournaments in the past few years, you've probably run into Frank. He digs the pool scene and he really loves getting his picture taken, so if you spot him, be sure to strike a pose.

Over the past few years, he's been spotted on a regular basis with Samm Diep, Debbie Schjodt and Sarah Rousey, all of whom have been nice enough to tote him around to events.  Every once in a while he gets to hang with the celebs too.  Plus, he has his own blog, so be sure to check out Frank's Dawg House too!

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