360 PureCue Action Trainer

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360 PureCue Action Trainer
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The 360 Pure Strike Action Trainer has been developed by professional coach and Gravity Cue creator Neil Johnson. The training cue incorporates a specially designed spring section that bends and flexes with every shot. This training cue helps the player to not only further develop their basic motor skills but also tune their fine motor skills in creating the most solid and fluid shot every time. Each miscue or incorrect shot sends feedback through the cue to the player so you can actually feel when you have a correct strike on the cue ball or not. The 360 Pure Strike Action Trainer has been designed to help each and every player and with regard to technique, cut through the often conflicting opinions of players and coaches alike. From one shot to the next, you are either applying an uneven distribution of forces on the cue ball through pushing, pulling, pressing, twisting or turning or your arm, or you are not. The 360 Pure Strike Action Trainer will help you harness the correct shot. 

The 360 Pure Strike Action Trainer will help you to:

1. Minimise or even eliminate twisting and turning of the wrist.
2. Train away lateral arm and shoulder movement.
3. Get on and stay on the correct plain.
4. Virtually eliminate scratching and miscuing. 
5. Develop a full, smooth, even hit.
6. Develop a seamless shot routine.


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