Action VAL17 Certified Pre-Owned Pool Cue CPQ144

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Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

Cue Part Score Notes
Tip: 7 New
Ferrule: 7 New
Shaft: 7 New
Joint: 7 New
Butt: 4 Engraving error fix
Grade 6.4 Engraving fix with a new butt cap

 Tis the season for joyous deals and celebrations. You can celebrate on your win with this Action VAL17 pool cue. This cue is a brand new cue that has a new butt cap due to an engraving error that our repair department has fixed. This cue is great for that special someone just getting into pool or if you are looking for a fun, textured pool cue. This Action VAL17 pool cue is currently at 19oz but can be weight changed if you would like. If you have any questions about this item or any other products we carry, please give one of our PoolDawg customer service representatives a call at (866) 843-3294.

Additional Info

Tip:                   13mm Layered Boarskin                                                                               
Ferrule: 1" Fiber
Shaft:                                  29" Hardrock Maple 10-12" Pro Taper
Collar: Black
Pin: 5/16x18
Piloted: Yes
Forearm: Purple with white textured crackle design
Rings: Silver Rings
Wrap: None - Purple Crackle
Sleeve: Purple with White textured crackle design
Plate: Black
Bumper: Black Rubber
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Action Weight Bolt

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