Jul 18, 2014 By Mike Feiman 0 Comment(s)

Come Party with PoolDawg 7/31/14!


Have you ever wanted to go hang out with the PoolDawg crew?

Do you like free stuff?

Do you want to meet our mascot, Frank T. Dawg?

Do you want to have your picture taken and potentially featured on our website and in our new catalog?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, you need to get yourself down to Felt Billiards on July 31st (starting at 7PM).  

Our pals over at Felt are co-hosting a supersweet shindig with us.  We're going to be giving away tons of PoolDawg swag (t-shirts, shaft cleaners, tools, beer coozies, towels) and we'll have a free entry drawing for a $250 gift certificate good for anything we carry.  Samm Vidal, one of PoolDawg's writers, happens to also be the manager at Felt, so she's helping us coordinate and host this event.

There are a couple reasons why we're doing this.  First, it gives us a way to meet our customers who live here in Colorado (as we don't have a storefront).  Second, it gives us a chance to play some pool.  Third, it gives us a way to help promote and support the game.  And lastly, it gives us the chance to add all of your beautiful faces to our catalog and website!

While the event is going on, we'll have a couple of photographers roaming the place taking pictures of people playing pool, posing with Frank and having a good time.  You might have noticed in the last couple months we made some significant changes to the site (including adding a bunch of images of some of our friends playing pool).  Well, we want to take that to the next level.  The pictures we take will be featured on the PoolDawg website, in our 2015 catalog, on the blog, on Facebook and in the PoolDawg Action Shots area.

So if you live in the Denver/Boulder area (or further if you feel like taking a road trip), be sure to come on down to Felt on July 31st from 7PM to 10PM MST.