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Gettin’ Crazy with CaPow!

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It's a bit belated, but I'm finally getting around to updating my blog with my continuing adventures with the Rack Starz.  My last trip was back to NYC to visit an old friend - Caroline Pao (co-owner of Mezz USA and a long time touring pro with the WPBA).  I'll let Caroline do the talking (well, writing): It all started when my doorbell rang one afternoon. Standing by the front door was the nicest postman I know holding a medium size white box with a huge red “FRAGILE” sticker on it. My first thought... omg is he finally here? After thanking my postman, I ran inside the house and ripped open the box (with care of course) and there was Frank staring at me with his big brown sleepy eyes… I’ve hung out with Frank at different tournaments and at shows but only for brief moments so I’m excited to have Frank spend a week with me. Bailey, my 1 year old rescue pup, immediately started sniffing and barking like crazy. She knew someone was here and could not wait to meet her new friend.


After his long trip and playing with Bailey, Frank was ready to pass out. I told him we have a full week ahead of us so he better get all the rest he needs now.

The next day, I woke Frank up bright and early for my morning ritual of bikram yoga. I usually go to the one near me called Bikram at the Palisades. The staff is great and the studio is always clean… definitely a wonderful place to practice. Frank was hesitant to go at first but after telling him that the class consists of mainly half naked women sweating in 105 degrees of heat and stretched out in 26 different poses, he bolted out the door.

Frank decided that bikram wasn’t for him so he decided to just hang back and enjoy the view… I would catch him giving me the “what the …” look every so often.

The next couple of days consisted of work at the Mezz office and prepping for the Super Billiards Expo in Pennsylvania. Frank was very helpful with answering emails… not so much with customer phone calls but more of telling me what to do.

On our way to Pennsylvania, my business partner and world champion, Mika Immonen, tagged along with us. I thought it would be fun to have both Frank and Mika keep me company in the car ride but of course, they both went to sleep mode once we hit the highway… When we finally arrived at the convention center, Mika and Frank had a big discussion as to who was going to give the orders… Frank came out on top and directed the both of us on how to set up the Mezz USA booth.

Frank needed some protein after all that hard work of directing things. So we decided to go to Seven Seas where I shared a 40 oz Prime Rib Steak with Frank… which eventually knocked the both of us out for the night!


Despite the new location of the Expo, it went well. Frank helped us at the Mezz USA booth the whole weekend. He was very friendly and helpful. Frank even got to try out some of Mezz cues. He could definitely be our next Mezz representative. Mika and I enjoyed Frank’s company so much and would love for him to come back again for another visit.