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Sarah Rousey at the US Open 9 Ball Championships

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As many of you know, the US Open 9 Ball Championships started allowing women to play this year.  Once I heard the news, I immediately called our player rep Sarah Rousey to see if she wanted to play (which of course she did).  Well, the US Open is going on now and Sarah was featured in her third round match against Chris Bartram. Prior to her match, she was interviewed by another friend of the Dawg, Samm Diep:Unfortunately, Sarah ran into a bit of a buzzsaw.  She and Bartram were tied at 4-4 and then Chris peeled off 6 straight racks to get on the hill at 10-4.  Sarah tried to mount a comeback, but ended up losing ll-5. We're all very proud of Sarah in her gender barrier breaking efforts.  Hopefully she'll do a full write up of her experience at the US Open on her blog.