Keven Engelke

General Manager and Product Guru

Keven heads up customer service and the all encompassing black hole otherwise known as "operations". He does some of the tech stuff, some of the product stuff, some of the database stuff and just plain kills on the grill every Friday.

When he's not jamming some crunchy Widespread Panic grooves, he's reviving PoolDawg's music tradition of Gangsta Fridays.  He's also from the pool capitol of the world, Wisconsin, so if you hear someone shouting "Rodgers!!" in the background along with a bunch of pounding, don't worry, as it's just Keven listening to a Packers game.

Playing Cue: Katana KAT02 Cue
Breaking Cue: Players PureX Breaker
Favorite Tool: Tiger LeManifik
Favorite Flick:            Tommy Boy
Favorite Show: The Wire
Favorite Tunes:   Old Town Pickers, Chain Station and Digital Beatdown