SouthWest SW30922 Custom Pool Cue

SouthWest SW30922 Custom Pool Cue

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Southwest Pool Cue

Southwest cues are often referred to as the Holy Grail of pool cues because every serious cue collector would love to have one for their collection. Each cue is meticulously hand-made by master cue makers who are unquestionably, among the best in the world. It is extremely rare for us to have a Southwest for sale because of the insane demand that these coveted cues create. In fact, the waiting list to get one of these cues build is over 10 years long and probably closer to 15 than it is to ten at this point. Well we've been putting our name on the list ever since PoolDawg started in 2003 and after getting past that initial hump we will maybe get a new one every year or two that end up selling fast! Typically, the way it works is that when your number comes up, Southwest reaches out and asks what we want to do for the design. For our orders we defer to "the chef" for their creative expertise and they did not disappoint on this one!!

This Southwest Model SW30922 features a highly figured Birdseye Maple forearm with six Palisander points that alternate in their heights and feature white, green, and black laminates. Every single part of those six inlays and laminates are topped with a cactus needle sharp point. The sleeve has a beautiful piece of Palisander with thin white, green, and brown rings over a smaller Birdseye piece that matches the points layout from the forearm. No expense is spared with the five sets of rings (A, B, C, D, and E locations) include one matching set on both of the two 13mm shafts that it comes with. A brown and white linen grip compliments the palisander points and dashed rings. This cue has the custom 3/8 x 11 pin stamped with a cactus and the 309 22 identification, weighs 19.3oz and is 58" in length.

This cue falls outside of our typical 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Returning this cue is possible if unused and still in MINT condition but we will result in a 10% service fee. We will not accept returns on this cue after either shafts have been chalked. 

Due to the high value of this pool cue we will only ship it to the address that matches the billing information on the credit card or PayPal(you can use PayPal Credit for financing options) and there will be a signature requirement. We will not ship this cue outside the USA. Please give us a call if you need any help ordering this cue at 866-843-3294


Tip: 13mm solid leather tip
Ferrule: 1" Ivorene
Shaft: Two 29" Hardrock Maple Shafts with a Pro Taper
Collar: Black collar with matching black, green, and white with checkered custom rings
Pin: 3/8x11 Southwest custom pin stamped with a cactus logo and identification numbers 30 922
Forearm: Highly figured Birdseye Maple with 6 Palisander points featuring white, green and black laminates
Rings: Black, green, and white outlined brown checkered rings
Wrap: Brown on White Linen Wrap
Sleeve: Birdseye Maple and Palisander featuring white, green and black laminates
Plate: Black Composite
Bumper: Black rubber
Weight: 19.3oz
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