Nodor Supawire2 Dart Board

Nodor Supawire2 Dart Board

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Why settle for an economy dart board when you can have the best. Nodor, the inventors of the bristle dartboard have been making boards since 1932 and they just keep producing some of the best quality dart boards in the industry. The Nodor Supawires 2 has some very minor upgrades from the original Supawire board. On the Supawire 2 board, the scoring areas have been reduced by 50% allowing for higher scores and a little more accuracy needed with shooting. The number ring rotates resulting in reduced impacts and less wear and tear. The last change is the bulls-eye area is staple free which means better scoring.

These are great dart boards and make a wonderful addition to any game room or outdoor fun area you have going on. With durability and craftsmanship backing some of the best dart boards around, you are sure to get a long lasting product that will give you hours upon hours of play. 


Color: Black, white, red, and green
Dartboard: Includes Supabull II sport engineered staple free Bullseye for increased scores
Size: Made to Official World Tournament Specification
Feature: Edge on profile triangular wiring system to eliminate bounce outs