Eight Ball Mafia 3 Butt 5 Shaft Hard Case

Eight Ball Mafia 3 Butt 5 Shaft Hard Case

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Maximize your protection and your capacity with this 3 butt, 5 shaft pool cue case by Eight Ball Mafia. As is tradition, this Eight Ball Mafia case is all about the skulls, with a giant white skull emblazoned on the pocket.

From a protection perspective, it doesn't get much better than this. The molded tubes will keep your butts and shafts nice and safe while the pockets provide a ton of storage space for your accessories.


Colors: Black
Shape: Oval
Material: Vinyl
Top Pockets: 6"
Bottom Pockets: 14"
Base: Black plastic Feet
Length: 32"
Structure: Separate Molded Tubes
Lining: Felt
Shaft Direction: Shaft inserts tip down
Butt Direction: Butt inserts either direction
Strap: 1" Wide Adjustable Vinyl Strap
Fits Up to: 30" Shaft
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer