McDermott 4 Butt 7 Shaft Smuggler Case

McDermott 4 Butt 7 Shaft Smuggler Case

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We've carried McDermott cues for a long, long time, but now, for the first time, we're carrying two of their new cases! This one in particular is their new 4 butt, 7 shaft smuggler case. In the bottom of this case, there are soft, felt-lined tubes for two butts and three shafts. But wait, I thought this was a 4x7 case? It absolutely is! In the space above, this case comes with two free one butt, two shaft sleeves that fit nicely right above the tubes below! In addition, the open area of the case has plenty of pockets and space for all of your accessories and tools.


Color: Black with Green Accents
Shape: Rectangular
Material: Textured Vinyl
Pockets: Internal Mesh Accessory pockets and jump butt sleeve
Length: 34" total length, holds up to 32" shaft
Structure Tubes for 2 butts and 3 shafts, includes two 1 butt 2 shaft sleeves
Lining: Felt lined tubes
Direction of Shaft: Inserts tip down
Direction of Butt: Inserts pin up