Poison POVXJ1 VX Series Pool Cue

Poison POVXJ1 VX Series Pool Cue

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A new line from Poison! The VX series features a couple playing cues, two break cues and two jump cues! The new POVXJ1 is one of the two new Jump cues. This new Jump cue features an all white forearm with the JMP X Poison logo. The VX Series from Poison also features the extended GTX grip that extends down through the butt sleeve. 

Due to Manufacturer's Restrictions we cannot ship Poison brand items to the following Countries: Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, and UAE.


Tip:  12.75mm Phenolic
Collar:  None
Pin:  Bullet
Forearm:  White
Rings:  None 
Wrap:  GTX Grip
Sleeve:  GTX Grip
Plate:  Thick white 
Bumper:  Threaded black and red bumper
Warranty:  1 Year manufacturer warranty
Weight Adjustable:               Yes, with the Poison weight bolt