Olivier Custom Cue with Abalone Diamonds and Two Shafts

Olivier Custom Cue with Abalone Diamonds and Two Shafts

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This Jerry Olivier Custom Cue is the first of its kind - a "never before seen" design! 

It displays a tiger maple forearm with six long ebony points with ivory-colored inside panels. The cue features beautiful accent lines back inside the points with six ebony outlined abalone diamonds between each point. This Olivier has a black leather wrap and a tiger maple butt sleeve that mirrors the forearm for a perfectly dimensional and aesthetic custom cue. It comes with two 13mm JO Classic shafts. The shafts have a 10 inch straight taper with a 3/8x10 joint and include Tiger Everest layered tips. Jerry currently does less than 20 custom v-points a year, so get yours while you can!

This custom cue comes in a very limited supply. We only have one in stock and if you're not able to get your hands on it, it could be weeks before it's back in stock again! 


Tip: 13mm Tiger Everest Layered Leather
Ferrule: 3/4" Fiber Linen
Shaft: 2 x 29" Hardrock Maple, 10" Straight Taper
Collar: Black with white strip
Pin: 3/8 x 10
Forearm: Tiger maple forearm with ebony points with ivory colored inside panels and abalone diamonds
Rings: 4 Black with white strip, matching 5th ring on shaft collar
Wrap: Black Leather
Sleeve: Tiger maple butt sleeve that mirrors forearm, with six abalone diamonds
Plate: Black with gold Jerry Olivier logo
Bumper: Black rubber with Jerry Olivier logo
Also Includes: Joint Protectors for both shafts and the pin
Weight Adjustable: Yes, natural weight is 19.3oz. Weight can be added to make it heavier
Warranty Lifetime for Manufacturer Defects