Molinari 2 Butt 4 Shaft Cyan/Black Flat Cue Case

Molinari 2 Butt 4 Shaft Cyan/Black Flat Cue Case

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Is your case getting full? Are your accessory pockets bursting with too many tools? Time for an upgrade then! This butterfly style flat case from Molinari allows for 2 butts and 4 shafts to be securely protected inside the case due to the plush lining with Velcro flap covers. And, you can actually remove and rearrange the inside sleeve due to the Velcro! Not only are there two pockets on the outside of the case, you get even more pockets inside the case including a ventilated accessory pocket for your gloves and towel to stay moisture free during travels. This cyan and black case also features a lock up top, snazzy zipper pull tags and a wide shoulder strap for easy over the shoulder carrying.


Shape: Flat butterfly style
Material: Ultra-Vinyl
Accessory Pocket: 4.7" x 2.55"
Length: 33" long
Structure: Molded tube
Color: Cyan with black accents and a black Molinari logo at the bottom of the case
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture