Molinari 2 Butt 4 Shaft Black/Orange Soft Cue Case

Molinari 2 Butt 4 Shaft Black/Orange Soft Cue Case

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With two pockets located on the outside of the case, you get quick and easy access to your accessories and tip tools! As a bonus, this soft case from Molinari has real leather pull tabs on the zippers and a shoulder strap for that quick grab and go when needed. With a soft breathable nylon fabric, the case will be easy to clean if it gets a little dirty but will keep all the dirty outside elements away from your cues on the inside. The 2x4 soft cases come in a few colors and this orange and black one is pretty cool - even if it is not Halloween yet!


Shape: Soft
Material: Lightweight nylon fiber
Length: 33" long
Structure: Butterfly style 
Direction: Shaft insert tip down, butt insert bumper down
Color: Black with orange accents and the Molinari logo in cyan
Secret Jump Pocket: 13" long on outside of long accessory pocket
Long Accessory Pocket: 17.5" x 4"
Small Accessory Pocket: 8" x 4"
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture