Outsville Accu-Rack System

Outsville Accu-Rack System

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Racks can be a tricky purchase, depending on how tight you want that rack of balls to get. The Outsville Accu-Rack System features cloth style racks, instead of vinyl, with proprietary geometry holes to allow the balls to sit snugly in their spot without moving and eliminate spacing when racking. These holes also helps avoid any dead wing balls when breaking at any speed. You can easily take the rack off your cloth after the break shot and continue your play and the racks work with new or old balls, and do not require new felt installation on your table for them to stick to. Due to the cloth material of the racks, these can actually be rolled up and transported without causing issues to the racks or creating annoying bends or folds. These racks have been used in the Accu-Stats Make It Happen 8-Ball Invitational, Music City Open, 2015-2016 and 2017 US Open 9-Ball Championships, 2018 International Big Foot and the 2019 DCC Bigfoot & the US Open. If they work for championships and Pro’s, they will work for you.

The Outsville Accu-Rack System features three different racks: “Diamond 9” for 9-ball play, “Pro 10” for 10-ball and the “Solo” for 8,9 or 10-ball. Also included is a 3-ball template for Speed Pool and a Shark Skin Table Saver Break Circle!


Material:    Cloth style racks     
Quantity:      5 total racks: Diamond 9, Pro 10, Solo, 3-ball Speed Pool and Shark Skin Breaker Circle   
Color:  Light blue
Packaging:  Comes in a plastic sleeve