QK-S 3x5 QKS15 Soft Case

QK-S 3x5 QKS15 Soft Case

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Do you ever find yourself with more accessories than pocket space? The QKS15 is a 3x5 Soft Case, and it comes with FOUR different pockets to carry anything and everything you need. This soft case is a bit unique in that it is not a butterfly open. Instead, it’s a top loaded case sealed with dual zippers and a magnetic buckle.


Color: Black, Brown, Red, White
Shape: Oval
Material: Cloth and Nylon
Pockets: Two 10" x 3" Accessory Pockets, one 10" x 1" pocket, one 10" x 4.5" pocket
Base: Rubber Tread 
Length: 33.5" total length, fits up to 31" shaft
Structure: Top loaded, square 
Lining: Black Nylon
Shaft Direction: Shaft inserts either direction
Butt Direction: Butt inserts either direction