2 x 4 Cases

2 x 4 Cases

The 2x4 pool cue case is a perfect choice for pool players who want to bring more than just a playing cue and a breaker with them.  The extra two shaft slots are ideal for backup shafts, as you never know when you’re going to snap a shaft or have a tip pop off in the middle of a match. 

 In addition to carrying an extra playing shaft, the 2x4 size is essential for players who use a break cue and a jump cue instead of going with a break jump utility cue.  There’s plenty of space for the additional shafts and there’s an extra pocket that will fit almost every jump butt in this perfect billiard cue case.

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  • QKS Samurai 2 Butt 4 Shaft Hard Case

    Ok, seriously, the Samurai is eight degrees of awesome. It is by far the crown jewel of the line and considering the 2x4 size, the construction and the durability, this one is a keeper. The pockets are huge, it holds shafts up to 31" in length, the style is slick, even the shoulder strap is nice. Totally worth the price of admission. Learn More

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  • QKS Rogue 3 Butt 4 Shaft Soft Case

    This new QKS soft case is built for the pool player on the go! With space for three butts (and a jump butt!) as well as four shafts and a copious amount of labeled pockets, this case will make sure that you never leave without a full arsenal ready for the next match.

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