Training Tools

Training Tools

Watching can be a great way to learn, but for many it’s all about doing rather than observing (also known as Kinesthetic learning).  If you’d rather do than watch, you need to check out our selection of billiard training aids. 

 We carry tools that will help you aim, will teach you cue ball control and will turn you into a better all-around pool player.  As always, if you need help finding the right training tools or billiard products for your unique learning style, just give us a call at 866-843-3294 and one of our billiards specialists will help you find the perfect tool to improve your game.

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  • Q-MD Training Tool

    QMD is a patent pending orientation/motion sensing device specifically designed to aid you in developing a smooth, consistant and straight billiards stroke. While in use QMD alerts you when your practice strokes are off-line. The instant audible feedback allows you to adjust and attain a truly straight stroke. The sensitivity of QMD to off-line movements is user adjustable to best fit the way you stroke.

    Works with Android and Windows Software, Not Compatible with iPhone or other Apple products currently

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  • Cue Ball Tracker

    4.33 (3)

    The Cue Ball Tracker™ is a simple, concise tool to answer the question of the cue ball's deflection path after contacting an object ball. If the cue ball deflection path is ever not clear to you, then Cue Ball Tracker™ is for you.

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  • Stroke Groover

    The Stroke Groover is an incredibly simple and effective way to immediately improve your pool game. Developed by Master Instructor Tom Simpson to allow players to feel when they drop their elbow during their stroke, this tool is extremely helpful for training your muscles to stroke the right way.

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  • BAT Billiard Aim Trainer

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    How many times have you asked yourself "I wish there was a clear and simple way to know what the cut angle is?" Thanks to the Billiard Aim Trainer, now you'll know the answer. By removing the parts of the cue ball that never come into contact with the object ball and creating a cue ball that allows you to see right through it, the BAT provides an aiming tool that is easy to use and quick to master. In no time you'll be recognizing cut angles at a glance and knowing exactly how to pocket your shots.

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  • 360 PureCue Action Trainer

    4.50 (2)

    This training cue incorporates a specially designed self centering spring loaded section that gives immediate feedback to the shooter when any uneven distribution of pressure is applied by the player. This forces the player to attempt to balance out their shots through 360 degrees.

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  • EZ Jumper

    3.50 (2)

    This convenient, portable, hand-held bridge supports your cue allowing you to achieve a downward hit even when the cue ball is in the middle of the table! This ingenious product even includes a cloth disc which can be placed under the cue ball during practice to avoid any damage to the cloth or table.

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