Training Tools

Training Tools

Watching can be a great way to learn, but for many it’s all about doing rather than observing (also known as Kinesthetic learning).  If you’d rather do than watch, you need to check out our selection of billiard training aids. 

 We carry tools that will help you aim, will teach you cue ball control and will turn you into a better all-around pool player.  As always, if you need help finding the right training tools or billiard products for your unique learning style, just give us a call at 866-843-3294 and one of our billiards specialists will help you find the perfect tool to improve your game.

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  1. The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game

    This game instructs you with the correct english on each opening shot, teaches you speed and ball control & how to play the rails. Each card contains valuable lessons that only can be perfected on the felt.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $27.95

    Now $22.95

    You Save $5.00 (18%)

  2. Professional Stroke Analysis with Samm Diep
    Professional Billiard Instructor, Samm Diep will help you improve your pool game by analysing your stroke for flaws and providing clear instruction on correcting them. Learn More
  3. iCue Clock Billiards Training Cue Ball
    The iCue Clock Training Cue Ball will raise any player's pool IQ! Learn More

    Market Price: $40.00

    Now $32.95

    You Save $7.05 (18%)

  4. The Ultimate Pool Challenge Bundle

    The game is simple to play:
    Player draws a challenge card from the deck; an opponent sets up balls as pictured on the card. Player attempts to make the shot. If player makes the shot or shots on the challenge card, the challenge has been met. Player then retains the challenge card and its associated points. Player draws again to continue play. If player fails the challenge, the card must be passed to the next player, who in turn gets to shoot whatever scenario is left on the table, and can now play any pocket.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $49.90

    Now $36.95

    You Save $12.95 (26%)

  5. Practice Pro Pocket Reducers

    What do pool players hate more than anything? Missing a shot. This is why Practice Pro was created. Practice Pro consists of a set of six pocket reducers and is used to improve aiming skills and sharpen accuracy.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $59.95

    Now $39.95

    You Save $20.00 (33%)

  6. Stroke Groover

    The Stroke Groover is an incredibly simple and effective way to immediately improve your pool game. Developed by Master Instructor Tom Simpson to allow players to feel when they drop their elbow during their stroke, this tool is extremely helpful for training your muscles to stroke the right way.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $39.00

    Now $34.00

    You Save $5.00 (13%)

  7. MagneTable Magnetic Shot Planning Table
    Diagram any shot, anywhere, with this compact magnetic pool table. This small table measures approx. 9” x 4.5” with balls to scales. Use the MagneTable to help improve your game to discuss shots with others. Learn More

    Market Price: $9.95

    Now $7.95

    You Save $2.00 (20%)

  8. QMD3 Training Tool

    The QMD3 Stroke Trainer/Analyzer is the original digital stroke training aid.  It’s exclusively designed to help players of all skill levels improve their performance.  The small, Bluetooth enabled QMD3 unit is attached to your pool cue and teamed with its free software on your Apple or Android device.  While in use, the QMD3 conditions you to develop and refine a straight, consistent, accurate pool stroke.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $149.00

    Now $139.95

    You Save $9.05 (6%)

  9. Aramith Pool Champion Training Ball IPPC
    This Aramith 2-sided training ball will help your ball pocketing skills and your cue ball control. It's a 2 for 1! Learn More

    Market Price: $51.05

    Now $40.83

    You Save $10.22 (20%)

  10. Tangent Line Finder Training Tool
    IPTL tangent line finder will help you with all the basics of aiming, so you can have perfect shots every stroke! Learn More

    Market Price: $15.95

    Now $11.95

    You Save $4.00 (25%)

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