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Here at PoolDawg, we offer a wide selection of pool bridge sticks and mechanical bridges. Whether you need a standard type of bridge that you can take with you anywhere you go. Or a bridge that fits the classy style of your game room. Or even a bridge of the professional caliber. We’ve got all the bridge stick options for you from top brands like Kamui and Tiger.

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  1. Break Down Bridge Stick Bridge Head
    This is a replacement bridge head for the Break Down Bridge Stick Learn More

    Market Price: $10.95

    Now $9.95

    You Save $1.00 (9%)

  2. Moosehead Bridge Head Blister Pack
    Always wanted to gift the Moosehead Bridge to a friend?! Now you can with this great packaging. Learn More

    Market Price: $5.95

    Now $3.95

    You Save $2.00 (34%)

  3. EZ Jumper

    This convenient, portable, hand-held bridge supports your cue allowing you to achieve a downward hit even when the cue ball is in the middle of the table! This ingenious product even includes a cloth disc which can be placed under the cue ball during practice to avoid any damage to the cloth or table.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $24.95

    Now $19.95

    You Save $5.00 (20%)

  4. Aluminum Billiards Bridge

    This is a classic aluminum bridgehead meant to slide onto your bridge stick. It will attach with a screw so it won’t slide up and down, and so that you can be locked in for your next difficult cross table shot.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $3.00

    Now $2.95

    You Save $0.05 (2%)

  5. Black Plastic Billiards Bridge

    This black plastic bridge head has a tighter more rounded design that can help you attempt those hard to reach shots with the same up close accuracy. This bridgehead will slide on and attach to your bridge stick with a screw.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $3.95

    Now $2.95

    You Save $1.00 (25%)

  6. The Bat Bridgehead

    "Holy long shot Batman!" "Quick... Grab The Bat Bridge."

    That's how I imagine it would go when Batman and Robin are playing pool. The Bat Bridgehead is a very handy tool to have on your belt (or in your case if you prefer) since it fits wobble-free on most cues and give you 15 rest points plus the patented "lift system" can get the bride off of the table quick.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $7.95

    Now $6.49

    You Save $1.46 (18%)

  7. 2 Piece Black Bridge Stick

    This two piece bridge stick, in all black, will attach to your choice of bridge heads and enable you to secure those shots you had previously been struggling with. No true pool table should be without a bridge and a bridge stick.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $19.95

    Now $15.95

    You Save $4.00 (20%)

  8. Solid Brass Billiards Bridge

    This thick looking solid brass bridge head will screw onto the end of a bridge stick. The thick rounded appearance gives this bridge head a very confident look, and a smooth slide. This bridge head will offer you some classy aim from all the way across the table.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $11.95

    Now $9.95

    You Save $2.00 (17%)

  9. Break Down Bridge Stick

    This bridge is a good choice if you want to travel with your bridge. This bridge will break down easily into two pieces and the clear plastic bridge head will easily unscrew and slide off. If you want to attempt those hard to reach shots on the road, then this is a good option to add to your arsenal.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $45.95

    Now $32.95

    You Save $13.00 (28%)

  10. Corona Leather Bridge Head

    This is a leather bridge head that offers you a smooth set up on a long cross table shot. The leather won’t break like a plastic bridge head, and it will be easy on the table cloth as well. You can slip this smooth looking bridgehead into your bag on the way to another table and simply put it on an extra cue in case you need to aim on a longer shot.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $28.95

    Now $24.95

    You Save $4.00 (14%)

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Standard mechanical bridges feature bridge heads with a rubber grommet to fit on almost all cue sticks. The Moosehead Bridge is the most widely used and works great with house cues.

If you’re looking for more of a classy style, the Solid Brass Billiards Bridge is the product for you. It pairs with the 2-piece black breakdown bridge stick for a solid feel.

We also feature professional quality bridges, including the Justa Bridge, Kamui Vue Bridge Head, or our telescoping and retractable bridge sticks.

As you can tell, we have bridge selections for all sorts of preferences and players alike.

Bridges can be a valuable asset to your game, especially if you have a long table. A lot of people shy away from using these handy tools because they’re unsure how to properly use them. If that’s the case for you, we recommend reading 6 Tips for Mastering the Mechanical Bridge by Jennifer Barretta to get some pointers.

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