Pool and Billiard Balls

Pool and Billiard Balls

Time to upgrade your pool ball sets? is your resource for billiards ball sets, pool balls and snooker balls. carry's only the finest and highest quality pool ball sets from Aramith, Elephant, Brunswick, Action and more. In addition, you'll find a wide selection of officially licensed ball sets from the NFL and MLB.

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  1. Brunswick Centennial Pool Ball Set

    Made with premium-grade phenolic resin, Centennial balls are ground and polished to exacting radial tolerances of 0.001 of an inch for absolutely true and accurate roll. Components are solid cast and "vitrified," or heat fused, for a homogeneous molecular bond. A translucent ivory hue, lustrous color and a unique "dart" identify Centennial balls. With resiliency and balance that allows hairline accuracy, and with numbers and colors that will not rub off, spot or fade, Centennial balls are superior in both playing quality and appearance.

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    Market Price: $500.00

    Now $450.00

    You Save $50.00 (10%)

  2. Aramith Super Pro Pool Ball Set

    This Super Aramith Pro Billiard Ball Set includes 15 superior table balls and an Aramith cue ball. When you make an investment in Aramith balls, you can be assured you are getting one of the highest quality ball sets on the market. Aramith has earned a worldwide reputation for making outstanding balls that are internationally approved for tournaments and championships.

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    Market Price: $343.67

    Now $274.94

    You Save $68.73 (20%)

  3. Aramith TV Super Pro Pool Ball Set

    The set comes complete with the distinctive red-dotted cue ball and oversized numbers on each of the balls. Unsurpassed in quality, each ball is made with Aramith's unique phenolic resin making them among the sturdiest and most impact resistant balls on the market. Precise calibration of each ball results in maximum consistency within the set to help you play your best pool.

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    Market Price: $376.04

    Now $300.83

    You Save $75.21 (20%)

  4. Action 2.125 Snooker Ball Set

    Play the game of kings with these high quality 2.125" snooker balls. This set of balls is not numbered and features the traditional set of 6 colored balls, a cue ball and 15 red balls. Perfect for any snooker table.

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    Market Price: $79.95

    Now $64.95

    You Save $15.00 (19%)

  5. Action Standard Pool Ball Set

    If you’re looking for high quality billiards balls at rock bottom prices, look no further than this Action Standard Pocket Billiard Ball Set. Made with high grade polyresin materials for durability and an accurate roll, these balls are sure to give you the performance you desire at an affordable price. Learn More

    Market Price: $49.95

    Now $37.95

    You Save $12.00 (24%)

  6. Action Bumper Pool Ball Set
    Action supplies you with everything you need, no matter what billiards game you're playing even Bumper Pool. This black sheep of the pool family is fun for kids and adults alike! Complete set of five red balls and five white balls, including the two marked balls that begin play. Learn More

    Market Price: $35.95

    Now $25.95

    You Save $10.00 (28%)

  7. Aramith Premier 2.125 Snooker Ball Set

    When you choose Aramith, you know you're getting the highest quality balls on the market today. This Aramith Snooker Ball Set includes 15 red balls, six colored balls with no numbers and a white Aramith cue ball. Each ball measures 2 1/8" in diameter.

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    Market Price: $209.67

    Now $167.74

    You Save $41.93 (20%)

  8. Aramith Tournament Pro Cup TV Set

    Aramith Tournament Pro Cup TV Set with Duramith Technology. With hi-tech reticulation, crosslinking and curing technologies, the Aramith products set a  benchmark in quality, durability & longevity, increasing their service life up to 50%.

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    Market Price: $487.24

    Now $389.79

    You Save $97.45 (20%)

  9. Aramith Super de Luxe Carom Ball Set
    Do you play Carom? Are you looking for an officially approved for Carom Tournaments Ball Set? This Super Aramith Deluxe Carom Ball Set are made out of Phenolic Resin. When you purchase this set you will receive one Solid White, One Solid Red and One Solid White with an engraved red circle. Learn More

    Market Price: $161.50

    Now $129.20

    You Save $32.30 (20%)

  10. Aramith Premier Carom Ball Set
    If you are looking for consistent reliable carom balls without breaking the bank this would be a great set for you. Since this Aramith set is made out of phenolic resin it will last you up to 5 times longer than other standard carom sets. When you get this set you will get a total of 3 balls; One white Ball, One Burgundy and One white ball with a Black dot. Learn More

    Market Price: $97.85

    Now $78.28

    You Save $19.57 (20%)

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