Pool Cue Accessories

Pool Cue Accessories

Find all the accessories for your pool cues here at Whether it's pool cue chalk, cue tips, tip tools or shaft cleaners, PoolDawg has the billiards accessories you're looking for. We have gloves, joint protectors, bridges, training books and much more to help you up your game! 

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  1. Balance Rite Forward Weighted Pool Cue Extension

    The Balance Rite Forward Weighted Extension instantly adds 3.75" to any stick and changes the balance point to give you more of a forward pool cue weight. This pool cue extension easily attaches at the joint between the butt and the shaft so taller players have a more natural stroke and it also help shorter players to avoid using the bridge in some situations.

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  2. Magnetic Pocket Chalker

    Always have your chalk at hand with this new magnetic chalker! The tooled leather clasp of this chalker slips right over your belt and leaves the black vinyl cube right at arm's reach and ready to go.

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    Market Price: $5.00

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  3. Blade Joint Protector Set

    This is a set of joint protectors built especially for your Blade cue. A joint protector is an essential tool for keeping your cue’s collar and joint in good shape when your cue is broken down. This set of Blade joint protectors can help you to defend your prized cue when in transport. The pin size of the Blade Joint Protectors are: 5/16x18.

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    Market Price: $15.95

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  4. DeadStroke Bone Design Pocket Chalker

    Tired of the same old pocket chalkers?  If so, try on the unique pocket chalker by DeadStroke.   Like all traditional pocket chalkers, it slips easily into your pocket so you don't have to worry about any clips or magnets.  Store your chalk in style with the Dead Stroke pocket chalker.

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    Market Price: $14.95

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  5. Predator 8" QR Extension 2

    The new QR Extension-2 from Predator pairs with most Predator bumpers, threads that are 5/8" in diameter. Once installed the quick releasing extension adds an additional 8 inches of butt length with a single turn of the extension handle. Simply remove your existing rubber bumper, install the QR Extension bumper, twist on the QR Extension handle and you’re ready to go.

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  6. Elite Break Cue Joint Protector Set

    This is a joint protector set that will fit on our ever so popular Elite Break Heavy. You can now protector that thick wood pin that comes on that cue with this set. 

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    Market Price: $13.95

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  7. Athena Break Cue Joint Protector

    This is a joint protector to fit the Athena ATHZBJ Break Cue. This Joint Protector only comes with the female end. This Joint protector makes it much easier to get that shorter butt out of your case. 

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    Market Price: $10.00

    Now $8.00

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  8. Action Pak - Magnetic Chalker

    This Action Pak magnetic chalker is perfect for keeping your pool chalk with you at any time. If your tip needs some touching up during an important game of 9-ball then this magnetic chalker will have you ready. Just clip the holder to your pocket or belt loop and the chalk holder attaches directly via a small magnet. This is a great accessory for any pool player.

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    Market Price: $7.95

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  9. Retractable Pool Cue Chalker

    This stylish retractable chalker will make sure you always have your chalk close by while showing your opponents your passion for 8 ball. Featuring a strong retractable cord, just clip the 8 ball to your pocket and pull the chalk whenever you need to rechalk.

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    Market Price: $9.95

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  10. Riley SightRight Extension

    Riley has always been about helping you improve your game and that hasn't changed! Using their patented SightRight technology, this new forward extension will help you line up your shots perfectly each time, ensuring that you'll never miscue and will always be on target. This extension is available in several different pin sizes as well, so pick the one that fits your favorite cue!

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    Market Price: $65.00

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