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Pool Cue Tips carries pool cue tips from the best known and highest quality manufacturers. Moori, Le Pro, Tiger, Elk Master, Triangle, and Kamui pool stick tips are all in stock and ready to ship. Need more information? Check out our Pool Cue Tip Buying Guide, which features the hardness ratings for every pool cue tip that we sell and the Choosing a Pool Cue Tip article which helps you decide which hardness to go with.

We have over 60 selections for you to choose from! That kind of freedom of choice can be overwhelming, but that's why we have a team of experts on staff! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you have about any of the tips or cue stick supplies we offer at 866-843-3294.

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  1. Tiger Onyx Pool Cue Tip (Single)

    Ok, now this is cool. Tiger has created a black pool cue tip that doesn't use any dye. Tiger takes pieces of high grade boar hide and uses a unique aging process to both prepare the leather and turn it black.

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    Market Price: $30.00

    Now $25.00

    You Save $5.00 (17%)

  2. ON® Cyborg Black Pool Cue Tip (Single)

    Bring some power to your game with the all-black ON® Cyborg Black Pool Cue Tip.

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  3. Ultra Skin Pool Cue Tip (Single)

    With 9 layers of specially treated leather, the Ultra Skin tips are created for those players looking to step up their accuracy game. 

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    Market Price: $9.95

    Now $6.95

    You Save $3.00 (30%)

  4. Pechauer Gold Pool Cue Tip (Single)
    This Pechauer Gold tip is made from 9 layers of Pigskin leather, providing consistency throughout the life of the tip. This tip features a gold fiber pad. These tips are also specially treated to prevent "Glazing Over". It comes in Soft, Medium or Hard. Learn More

    Market Price: $20.00

    Now $18.00

    You Save $2.00 (10%)

  5. Pure X Pool Cue Tip (Single)
    Pure X Pool Cue Tip (Single) Learn More

    Market Price: $23.90

    Now $18.65

    You Save $5.25 (22%)

  6. Hirano Pool Cue Tip

    Originally introduced in 2009, the Hirano pool cue tip is Japanese innovation at it's finest. Available in soft, medium or hard, each Hirano tip features four layers of ultra-thick pigskin, with the fibers in each layer aligned in different directions for greater strength and stability. Plus, because the manufacturing does not include any chemical additives, your tip will not become slippery or rigid over time.

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    Market Price: $14.95

    Now $11.00

    You Save $3.95 (26%)

  7. Da Vinci Pool Cue Tip

    From the same folks who bring you Blue Diamond chalk and Longoni custom pool cues, PoolDawg is proud to offer Da Vinci tips. Crafted from 5 layers of pigskin, Da Vinci pool cue tips do an excellent job holding chalk and providing a clean, consistent hit.

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    Market Price: $15.00

    Now $12.50

    You Save $2.50 (17%)

  8. Blue Elf Pool Cue Tip

    How awesome would it be if elves actually made more then presents and if they made this pool cue tip? This tip is not made of elf skin and honestly isn't really all that blue, but it is a seriously solid tip. From a hardness perspective, our durometer measured it at 90.4, making it one of the harder tips we sell.

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    Market Price: $9.95

    Now $7.95

    You Save $2.00 (20%)

  9. Tiger Great White Pool Cue Tip (Single)

    Selected from some of the finest quality pig skins in the world, the Great White laminated tips by Tiger are some of the most sophisticated, durable and advanced cue tips on the market.

    Each layer is carefully selected and split. From these splits only the ten most even and durable layers are chosen, which are then vacuum laminated with the VACULAM™ process. Learn More

    Market Price: $13.95

    Now $11.50

    You Save $2.45 (18%)

  10. Tiger Jump Pool Cue Tip

    We all know one of the key shots to winning is how you break. In addition to break, there are times in the game where you need just as much control for jump shots too. Jump shots are becoming one of the most important shots in today’s game. Just making the jump shot is not enough, if you are serious about winning.

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    Market Price: $19.95

    Now $16.95

    You Save $3.00 (15%)

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