Elite ECV37 Pool Case Black CPC066 - Used

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Elite ECV37 Pool Case Black CPC066 - Used

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Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

Cue Part Score Notes
Lid: 6 Small Black Smear on Lid
Handle: 7 Like new
Pockets 7 Like New
Clasps 7 Like New
Internal: 5 Defomed Slot. Tight Fit. 
Grade 6.4  

This Elite leather ECV37 holds up to 3 butts and 7 shafts! This case was returned to us because one of the Butt slots is a bit deformed causing the slot to be a bit tight when you put the butt of the cue in. The case still closes fine, and the rest of the slots work marvolously. There is also a small black smear on the lid, but this is just cosmetic and will not change the effectiveness of the case. 

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Additional Information

Certified Pre-Owned
Colors: Brown and Tan
Shape: Oval
Material: Leather
Pockets: 2
Base: 4 hard plastic feet
Length: Fits up to 31" Shaft
Structure: Separate molded tubes
Strap: Adjustable on side and back
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