Fury FUXS R38 Black Collar 3/8x8 Shaft CPS459 - Tip Upgrade!

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Fury FUXS R38 Black Collar 3/8x8 Shaft CPS459 - Tip Upgrade!

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 Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

Cue Part Score Notes
Tip: 6 Never chalked with tip upgrade to the Kamui Black medium
Ferrule: 7 Never chalked or used
Shaft: 7 Never chalked or used
Roll:  5 Never chalked or used but has a very slight warp
Collar/Joint: 7 Never chalked or used
Grade 6.4  

Fury cues have a wide variety of pins resulting in multiple extra shafts on the market for their many pin styles. This Fury shaft was returned to us as it did not fit on the customers cue. This FUXS R38 Fury shaft has a 3/8x8 joint – also known as or called “R38” through Fury and features the black dot. This shaft does come with a joint protector and a black collar but we highly recommend giving one of our associates a call if you are interested in purchasing this amazing Fury shaft so we can ensure it will fit your Fury cue, or a 3/8x8 pin. There is also a very minor warp to the shaft low near the collar, but does not bounce off the table. 

If you have any questions about this shaft, or any other items we offer, please feel free to give us a call at 866-THE-DAWG! (866-843-3294) 


Additional Information

Certified Pre-Owned
Tip: 13mm Kamui Black medium
Ferrule: 15mm long XTC
Shaft: 29" HTE Solid Maple with lightweight material
Pin Sizes: Modified 3/8x8 (R38)
Collar: Black


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