Voodoo VODCOFB 1x1 Coffin case CPC350/ cracks on sides

Voodoo VODCOFB 1x1 Coffin case CPC350/ cracks on sides

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Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

 Cue Part  Score  Notes
 Lid: 4
4" crack along both seems
Handle: 7
like new
Pockets: 7
Like new
Internal: 7
Like new
Grade 6.5

This CPC317 Voodoo 1x1 hard case is for sale. It does have a thin structural crack on the lid on both sides .  The crack is in the vinyl separating from the case for about 4".  With a little TLC and some super glue this can be repaired to be as good as new.

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Color: Black w/ white vinyl
Shape: Coffin
Material: Black and white vinyl
Pockets: Interior seperators
Base: Approximatley 2.5" wide
Length: 34" Long, Fits up to 30" Shaft
Structure: Breifcase style, interior seperators
Direction Inserts either direction
Carrying Breifcase style handle