Eight Ball Mafia EBM14 Pool Cue - CPQ366 - Engraving Fix


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Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

Cue Part Score Notes
Tip: 7 New
Ferrule: 7 New
Shaft: 7 New
Joint: 7 New
Butt: 5 Engraving Fix
Grade 6.6

This Eight Ball Mafia EBM14 Pool cue has never been used.  The order was cancelled and the engraving has been removed.  This is a great deal on a never been used pool cue.

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Tip:          13mm Layered Boarskin                                                                           
Ferrule: 1" Fiber
Shaft: 29" Hardrock Maple with Pro Taper
Collar: Stainless Steel
Pin: 5/16x18
Piloted: Yes
Forearm: Grey and Black skull with Purple roses and butterflies
Rings: None
Wrap: Black Irish linen
Sleeve: Grey and Black skull with Purple roses and butterflies
Plate: Black composite
Bumper: Black Rubber
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Action Weight Bolt

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