Elite ELSNK12 Snooker Cue

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Most standard pool cues are made out of maple, and most snooker cues are made out of ash. This Elite snooker cue combines both of those woods to create this stunning snooker cue. A maple sleeve transitions into rounded black points, which then give way to a solid ash forearm. A brass fitting connects the ash wood shaft that has a matching brass ferrule and a 10mm leather tip. This isn't the flashiest snooker cue ever produced, but it's simplicity and elegance is in line with the game of snooker itself.

Additional Info

Tip: 10mm Proprietary Soft Tip
Ferrule: 1/4" Brass
Shaft: 43" Ash Wood
Collar: Brass
Pin: Chamber Lock 3/4 Cue Joint
Forearm: Ash with black rounded points coming from wrap area
Rings: None
Wrap: None- Black Stained
Sleeve: Maple
Plate: None- Maple with Black Elite Logo
Bumper: Black Rubber
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

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