G2 TRCS Chalk Stay

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G2 TRCS Chalk Stay

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Nothing is more frustrating than miscuing on a break. That typically happens due to the harder tips, like phenolic or fiberglass tips, as there is no good way to get chalk to adhere and stay on those types of tips. This Chalk Stay from G2 is specially formulated to improve your tips ability to hold and retain chalk. You cannot pick at a phenolic tip nor should you scuff them and with one drop of this Chalk Stay, you will be amazed at how long your chalk stays on the tip. Apply one drop of the Chalk Stay to your tip, let it sit for about a minute (or until dry) and then apply your normal chalk of choice. Take your break cue to the table and give it a go!

This product only works on non-leather tips.


Additional Information

Misc Billiards Accessories
Box Dimensions:   2" long x 1" wide x 2 3/4" tall 
Bottle Dimensions:   2" tall x 1" wide
Ounces:  10ml (or .34fl. oz.
Material:  Liquid
Bottle Material:  Plastic eye-drops style bottle 
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