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Pool Cue Floor Racks

It’s not always feasible to mount a wall rack for your pool cues. When that’s the case — or just as a matter of personal preference — a pool cue floor rack is a great alternative. You can still showcase your cues and store them safely, without sacrificing style. In fact, the floor racks we offer are made from a variety of woods and come in different stain finishes, and some of these pool cue racks have real personality!

While a wall mount is the more common cue rack and showcases your pool cue collection at eye level, stylish floor racks also offer distinct benefits that could make them the best solution for your game room.

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8 Cue Deluxe Floor Rack with Drawer
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10 Cue Corner Floor Rack - Chocolate, Honey, Midnight or Wine
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Floor Pool Cue Racks Offer Convenience, Flexibility

There are many reasons for choosing to use a floor rack. As with a wall rack, it will help protect the cues and keep your game room from looking cluttered. Using a floor rack, however, will also protect your walls from damage, since it’s less likely someone will rub a chalked tip up against the paint when returning a cue to the rack. With nothing to mount, there’s no hassle and no hardware to deal with, either. And if wall space is at a premium in your game room, a floor rack leaves room for another poster or picture frame as well. Finally, of course, a floor rack can be picked up and moved whenever it’s necessary.

At PoolDawg, We Know You Have Style

Your pool room should be a reflection of your personality. That’s why we offer many floor cue rack styles. Whether you want a pine, oak or barnwood floor cue rack, we have you covered. (Note that logwood and novelty racks are drop-ship items and may take a couple of extra days to ship.) If you need a larger rack for 8 to 10 cues, we’ve got them. We also carry novelty racks, including a “pool shark” cue holder, a bulldog, and even a Route 66-themed holder. One of them may be just the whimsical touch your pool room needs. We even have a deluxe model with a drawer, and designs with drink holders. Want to try to match your rack color with your other game room furniture? A few racks come in honey, wine, chocolate and midnight stains, and others come in at least two colors.

As always, at PoolDawg we offer the best customer service in the business. If you have any questions about our racks, don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to help you outfit your room with the best equipment possible.