Red Cedar Billiard Table

Red Cedar Billiard Table

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Built out of Red Cedar logs this pool table brings character and beauty into any room. The cedar is hand hewn using a drawknife to scallop the edges for a rustic look. The deep reds and pearly white of this red cedar along with the knots truly display the rustic character of this pool table. The table comes with Pine tree spotting points which are made from Black Walnut and are inlaid into the rail. You have your choice from 6 different colors of fabric. This table is a must for any game room!


Size: 7' or 8'
Cloth Colors: Spruce, Wine, Brown, Charcoal, Khaki and Taupe
Playing Surface: Slate
Surface Height: 30" (for both 7' and 8')
Outer Dimensions: 7'- 52" X 91"   8'- 57" X 101"
Playarea Dimensions: 7'- 39" X 78"   8'- 44" X 88"
Installation: Not Included
Delivery: Freight to curbside