Box Pool Cue Cases

Box Pool Cue Cases

Box cases are the classic looking pool cue cases you see in movies, which is one of the primary reasons that players buy box cases. Many box cases have a briefcase style, complete with latch style fasteners. Some of the nicer box cases can also feature combination locks for additional security.

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  • Action 2 Butt 4 Shaft Box Case

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    The vintage feel of the Action ACBX18 box style case comes from the solid construction of aluminum corners with, silver clasps and plastic handle. This outstanding case holds two butts and four shafts up to 31-inches in length in luxurious black velvet. A storage compartment is located inside, and a combination lock on the exterior ensures that your prize possessions are well protected.

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  • Action 3 Butt 4 Shaft Box Case

    This new box case by action has plenty of foam padding within to protect your cues and shafts from any kind of damage. This case features stainless steel highlights around the edges and corners, surrounding a matte black finish on the front, rear, and all sides.

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  • Aramith 2 Shaft 2 Butt Pool Cue & Ball Set Case

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    Arrive at the pool room in the ultimate style with this all-in-one case from Aramith. Along with securely holding two shafts and two butts, this high quality, fully-lined metal case holds a complete set of balls allowing you to keep your equipment consistent wherever you go. You take the game seriously, so treat yourself to the best.

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