Pool Table Installation and Cleaners

Pool Table Installation and Cleaners

Need help installing your pool table? PoolDawg is your source for everything billiards including table adhesives and pool table cleaners. Get everything you need for your pool table maintenance at

In addition, we have a wide selection of pool table cloth from Simonis, Championship and more. As always, if you have any questions or need help finding installation products, just give us a call at 866-843-3294.

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  • PoolDawg Pool Table Spots - Set of Four

    Looking for table spots but dont want to buy a whole tin or a roll of 'em? PoolDawg is here to help! We made some special table spots for our new partnership with the APA and now have them in stock for individual sale. Learn More

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  • Penguin Bee's Wax

    If you've ever installed a pool table with 3 piece slate, you know that you're going to have breaks where each piece of slate comes together. That's why you need bees wax. Just heat up the bees wax and drip it into the seams until they are completely filled. Then scrape the excess wax off and repeat as necessary. When done properly, all your cracks will be completely sealed giving your table a true roll. Two blocks of wax (2oz total) is typically enough to complete a 3 piece slate pool table.

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    Market Price: $5.95

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  • Action Black Spots (100)

    If you frequently need to replace worn out spots on a large number of pool tables, these black spots by Action are an excellent choice. Available in a roll of 100, these high quality spots are pressure sensitive stickers for the ultimate in convenience and affordability. Learn More

    Market Price: $7.95

    Now $6.95

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  • Penguin Cushion Adhesive

    Installing rail cushions on a pool table requires a strong, durable adhesive. Penguin brand cushion glue is a specially formulated cement developed specifically for installing rail cushions. Each container includes 1 quart of adhesive and a brush to apply (please note that the brush is located on the inside of the lid). Mix well before using and please read all safety and product warnings prior to use.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $39.95

    Now $32.95

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  • 3M Hi-Strength 90 Table Adhesive

    This Hi-Strength 90 spray adhesive made by 3M is used in pool table recovering. Backed by 3M’s commitment to quality, this product will have you playing on your newly covered pool table in no time. Learn More

    Market Price: $32.95

    Now $29.95

    You Save $3.00 (9%)

  • Pool Table Staple Remover

    Removing staples from your pool table rails can be a serious pain if you don't have the right tools. This staple remover by Penguin makes the job a breeze. It features the proper angle to get at all staples regardless of size. Plus, the handle is multi-sided to keep the tool from rolling in your hand.

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    Market Price: $32.95

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  • Quick Clean Table Cleaning Brush

    Don't use just any brush with your pool table. The Quick Clean table brush is excellent for cleaning any table. Safe and effective, this brush easily gets in all the hard to reach places on your table, restoring the luster of your cloth. Works great with other Quick Clean products too! Learn More

    Market Price: $34.00

    Now $28.95

    You Save $5.05 (15%)

  • Quick Clean Table Cleaner

    Quick-Clean is a revolutionary new way to clean your pool and billiards table cloth in less than 60 seconds. This is a brushless, dry-foam cleaner that you simply spray on your table cloth and wipe off. Your table will look good as new and be ready to play immediately. Unlike other cleaning methods, including brushing, vacuuming and using damp cloths, Quick-Clean is faster and easier. Learn More

    Market Price: $14.95

    Now $12.95

    You Save $2.00 (13%)

  • EZ Shine Bees Wax

    Perfect for sealing the seams in your pool table, this high quality bees wax is used in recovering pool table slate. Learn More

    Market Price: $9.95

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