Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board

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Choosing an electronic dart board for your family game room or bar is wise no holes in your wall, no injuries from an errant throws. Arachnid, the industry leader, offers up the Cricket Pro 800, the King Daddy of all electronic dart games.

Features include:

  • 8 player scrolling LED score and game display
  • 7 different cricket games
  • 15.5 target area
  • Dart averaging software and even an interactive heckler program!

This AC-powered unit, which comes with 6 soft tip darts (including extra tips), is designed to minimize bounce-outs and supplies a bounce-out amend feature.

Additional Info

Scoreboard: 8 Player Score Display
Games: Includes 7 Cricket Games
Target Area: 15.5"
Includes: 6 Soft Tip Darts and Extra Tips
Power: AC

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