Marty Carey MCJMP Jump Q - CPQ530 - Slightly Used


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 Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

Cue Part Score Notes
Tip: 4 Some wear on the tip
Ferrule: 6 Slightly Used
Shaft: 5 Slightly used
Joint: 6 Slightly Used
Butt: 6 Slightly Used
Grade 5.4

Looking for a jump cue to add to your arsenal? Well, this Marty Carey Jump Q is for you!  The only noticeable use is the tip and some very minor chalk stains. If you have not used a Marty Carey cue, you are in for a treat!  With a wider 14mm G-10 fiberglass tip, you are sure to get that punch you need for jumping. And, at only 4oz, this cue is super light!

This cue is not weight changeable. If you have any questions about this product, or any other items on our site, please feel free to contact a PoolDawg team member today at (866) 843-3294.


Tip: 14mm G-10 Fiberglass
Ferrule: Extended Fiberglass
Shaft: 29" 1/2" Carbon fiber with solid wood core for structural strength
Pin: Custom Aluminum
Piloted: No
Forearm: Black Carbon Fiberglass
Wrap: None
Sleeve: Black Carbon Fiberglass
Jump Butt: 11" Jump Handle 
Weight: 4oz

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