Players HXT Skinny Shaft 5/16x18-CPS053 Moderately Used


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Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

Cue Part Score Notes
Tip: 6 Slightly used
Ferrule: 6 Slightly Used
Shaft: 4 Slightly used, minor warp
Joint: 6 Slightly Used
Grade 5.5 Slightly used shaft with a very minor warp


This Players Skinny HXT shaft was returned to our repair department for an exchange. We cleaned up the tip and the shaft, as this was slightly used by the customer. There is a very minor warp to the shaft, but, nothing severe enough to cause problems while playing. The shaft features a black collar with a silver ring and is a 5/16 x 18 pin. This Skinny shaft is certainly a great deal on a slightly used shaft if your looking to save a little extra dough for some tip tools or other products you have been dying to purchase.

The shaft is not weight changable. If you have any questions about this item, or any other products we carry, please give one of our PoolDawg customer service representatives a call at (866) 843-3294.  


Tip:                                           11.75mm Kamui Black Soft
Ferrule: .5" Fiber
Shaft: 100% North American Grade "A" Hardrock maple
Collar: Black 
Pin: 5/16 x 18
Piloted: No
Rings: Silver Ring

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