Ponderosa Billiard Table

Ponderosa Billiard Table

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The Ponderosa log billiard table is the ultimate in rustic pool tables. The log side rails and outside logs on the body are both made from Ponderosa pine. The 9" diameter legs are made from Norway pine. To ensure that the log side rails will stand straight and true, they are made up of 2” strips of knotty Ponderosa pine and laminated together. They are then hand drawknifed into a massive log shape. The table comes with pine tree spotting points which are made from black walnut and are inlaid into the rail.

You have your choice from 6 different colors of fabric, 2 different woods stains and table size of either 7 or 8 foot.


Size: 7' or 8'
Cloth Colors: Spruce, Wine, Brown, Charcoal, Khaki and Taupe
Wood Stain: Clear Pine or Honey Pine
Playing Surface: Slate
Surface Height: 30" (for both 7' and 8')
Outer Dimensions: 7'- 52" X 91"   8'- 57" X 101"
Playarea Dimensions: 7'- 39" X 78"   8'- 44" X 88"
Installation: Not Included
Delivery: Freight to curbside