Cue-Max 1.5 Inch Pool Cue Extension

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Cue-Max 1.5 Inch Pool Cue Extension

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The Cue-Max™ mid cue extension is the perfect tool to add a small amount of length to your pool cue.  That little bit of length can go a long way for your game by providing you with better balance in your stroke. Pool cues were designed over 100 years ago and while the average height of people has increased, pool cues have stayed the same length. Taller players with longer wingspans often find themselves gripping toward the very bottom of their stick and that can throw off the balance of the stick. By adding a little length, taller players can position the backhand in the wrap area and will benefit from the improved balance and feel of their stroke.

The precision engineering on the compact Cue-Max™ extension is guaranteed to face up straight adding just over an inch and a half of length to your cue without affecting the overall straightness.  This is a much better option than trying to purchase an extra long custom made shaft. Now you can convert any cue to the perfect length to match your stroke.  The Cue-Max™  is available in the top 5 most common joint styles (5/16 x 18, 5/16 x 14, 3/8 x 10, Uniloc Quick Release compatible and Radial) and comes with its own carrying bag.  

Need a little more length?  You can get two and stack them or go with the Cue-Max™ 2.5 inch version.

Note: The 5/16 x 14 option for this extension is not recommended for Schon cues, as it will not fit flush with the shaft.


Additional Information

Cue-Max Accessories
Length:    1.5" total inches   
Weight:  1.2oz
Color: Anodized black
Pin Options:    3/8 x 10, 5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18, Radial and Uni-Loc Compatible   
Extras: Comes with carrying bag and a Loyalty Program card    
Notes: The 5/16 x 14 option is not recommended for Schon shafts.
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