Mezz ZZA156 Axi Series Pool Cue

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Mezz ZZA156 Axi Series Pool Cue

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The Axi Series pool cues from Mezz are extroidanary! This amazing cue features a Purpleheart forearm with Juma points that almost extend through the length of the forearm. Each point also has a Turquoise triangle at the base which almost look like little blue mountain peaks just barely coming up through the wrap. A traditional black with white speck Irish linen wrap is on the cue also. The butt sleeve showcases the exact same points as the forearm, just inverted and the Juma points extend down to the butt cap. Including the Aegis/Silver rings, this cue is certainly a gem worth purchasing!

Due to Manufacturer's Restrictions we can ONLY ship Mezz brand product to customers is the USA and Canada.


Additional Information

Mezz Cues
Tip: 12.5mm Kamui Original Medium
Ferrule: NX Ferrule
Shaft: 29" WX700
Collar: Cream
Pin: Mezz Wavy Joint
Piloted: No, Flat-faced wood-to-wood
Forearm: Purpleheart with Juma inlay points and Turquoise triangle inlays
Rings: Aegis/Silver Rings
Wrap: Black with white speck Irish linen
Sleeve: Purpleheart with Juma inlay points and Turquoise triangle inlays 
Plate: Cream with Mezz Cues logo
Bumper: Black Rubber
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Additional Info: Includes Joint Protectors
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Mezz Weight Bolt
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