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Beginner Pool Cues

Best Value Pool Cues!

If you’re new to pool and looking to purchase your first cue stick you’ve come to the right place! We have an AMAZING selection of pool cues to match the typical new player’s budget.  Other than the fact that all of these cues are priced below $200, there really isn’t any reason to classify them as a beginner cue.

These two-piece pool cues all have hard rock maple shafts, quality leather tips, professional tapers and are weight adjustable, just like the more expensive cues! Even advanced players are impressed with the hit and control that is provided so you can be sure that you’ll get a lot of “bang for your buck”! 

We have a ton of great brands to choose from this $50 - $200 price range. Action cues are a top choice for league players and they have a huge range in styles with everything from the classic pool cue designs of their Ring and Inlay series, to the fun graphics of the Impact and Adventure lines. Elite Cues offer the custom exotic woods and style without the "custom" price while Eight Ball Mafia and Outlaw add a bit of attitude and style to match the player’s personality. Athena cues are perfect for women as they have a slightly scaled-down length and shaft diameter to meet the needs of the feminine physic, with no decrease in performance!

Use the filters to help you narrow down the choices and you’ll find the perfect cue for your style and budget in no time!  Or consider the next step up in performance (and price) to get a cue stick that fits the playing style of intermediate to advanced players, take a look at our Low-Deflection Pool Cues.