Pool Table Parts

Over time, even the nicest pool table will require repair or maintenance work to keep it looking good and playing well. Rails might lose some bounce. The slate won’t be quite level. If it’s a coin-operated bar box, like the popular Valley pool tables, the coin chute or internal mechanisms might jam or break.

Upkeep is a must if you want to enjoy a quality playing experience and keep your game room looking its best. When you need parts to achieve this, look no further than PoolDawg. Here on our website you will find cushions, shims, parts for pockets and much more.

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  1. Ball Dump Spring
    Ball Dump Spring Learn More

    Market Price: $3.95

    Now $2.95

    You Save $1.00 (25%)

  2. Table Leg Shims

    Table leg shims are now available at PoolDawg. Each shim is available in 1/4", 1/8", 1/16" and 1/32", 3 inches in diameter and are individually priced.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $1.95

    Now $0.95

    You Save $1.00 (51%)

  3. Pool Table Quarter Strip
    Quarter strip for your pool table. Learn More

    Market Price: $6.95

    Now $5.95

    You Save $1.00 (14%)

  4. Corner/Side Castings Plastic with Chrome Finish (Set of 6)

    Need replacement Corner & Side Castings for your pool table? This set of plastic with chrome finish castings is complete with four corner pieces and two side castings. Although they fit most production tables, they are not compatible with Brunswick tables.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $48.95

    Now $32.95

    You Save $16.00 (33%)

  5. Salotto TPSALS Top Spot
    Rack and break with consistent confidence with the Salotto Top Spot! Learn More

    Market Price: $6.25

    Now $5.45

    You Save $0.80 (13%)

  6. Rubber Feather Strip Set
    Rubber feather strip for pool table repair! Learn More

    Market Price: $26.13

    Now $21.78

    You Save $4.35 (17%)

  7. 9ft Pool Table Cushions Set K66 Rubber (6)
    Recovering pool tables can be a tricky endeavor since it seems like every table is a little different. One of the more confusing parts of this process is selecting the correct rail cushions for your table as they are available in several different profile shapes. Selecting the correct rail is important so that you can be sure the balls strike the rail at the proper point (1.43" in height). Learn More

    Market Price: $64.95

    Now $51.95

    You Save $13.00 (20%)

  8. Table Chalk Holder

    This table chalk holder is a great way to always know where your chalk has been placed, so as not to loose track. Many pool rooms experience this unexplained problem of disappearing chalk, it has been reported in as many as 48 states and 20 different countries, now you have the opportunity to keep this hex away from your table.

    Learn More

    Market Price: $4.95

    Now $4.25

    You Save $0.70 (14%)

  9. Wood Feather Stripping (Set of 6)
    Wood feather stripping is excellent for rail repair. This set of six pieces provides enough stripping to complete rail repair on up to 10 ft. tables. Learn More

    Market Price: $24.95

    Now $19.95

    You Save $5.00 (20%)


    Complete covered rail set for 7 foot Valley pool tables. Rails are covered with Tournament Green Mercury Ultra cloth. Please make sure to select between the old style or new style of rails for your table. The old style tables are dated before 2001 and the tables have round corners whereas the new style, dated after 2001, have square corners.

    Learn More


    Our Price  $279.95

    Save 20%

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We’ve Got You (And Your Table) Covered

Everything you need to repair, refinish or upgrade your table is here, from covered rails to leveling shims to pocket reducers used to sharpen your game during practice. Here’s a rundown on some of the most commonly used pool table parts we carry at PoolDawg:

Rail cushions: Getting your rails right is of utmost importance, or balls will strike them at the wrong height and bounce unpredictably. Pool table cushions are glued onto wooden pool table rails, which are covered by cloth to form the pool table bumpers. Different styles of tables will require different cushion profiles to hit at the correct contact point. We carry K66 (the most common), K55 and U23, and we can order other types and sizes.

Pocket parts: Ball return tables have some extra parts that are needed for the pocket. Balls start by hitting the pocket liner and then roll down the gulley boot to get onto the track to their final destination inside of the table.

Drop pocket tables have one piece to change out. We have inexpensive rubber and plastic options as well as stylish leather pool table pockets for furniture tables.

If you want to tighten up your game, try Practice Pro Pocket Reducers Shrinking the pocket size by about 30 percent will leave you no choice but to improve your shooting accuracy.

Pool table shims: If your game is suffering because the table isn’t level, shims should help. Wood or plastic table shims are wedges added to level the slate when a table is set up, before it is covered. Leg shims are rubber pads of various thicknesses that are placed under the legs to level the table.

Castings and Aprons: On a ball return table, these protect the pool table corners and sides behind the pockets are. We carry them with a chrome or bronze finish, in a size that fits many tables.

We’ll Help You On Cue

Our experts here at PoolDawg will be happy to help you determine what you need to return your table to excellent condition.

  • -Since there is limited standardization in pool table replacement parts, we list the dimensions of most products.
  • -If we don’t carry a hard-to-find part, we’ll contact a vendor who will try to track it down.

Check out our online selection of pool table repair parts and revitalize your table — and your game. Contact us today if we can help in any way.