Pool Table Repair and Maintenance

Tools To Repair Your Pool Table

Got a broken down pool table? Need some new parts to restore your table to its original beauty? PoolDawg has just what you're looking for!

We carry dozens of replacement pool table parts including pool table pockets, gulleys, cushions and shims as well as pool table lights, table felt, ball racks, and brushes.  Many repair parts we carry are universal fit, but please check the measurements of the parts before ordering.

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Salotto TPSALS Top Spot
Our Price $5.45
Save 13%
Rubber Feather Strip Set
Our Price $23.76
Save 9%
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Table Leg Shims
Our Price $0.95
Save 51%
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Spinster HotSpot Table Spot
Our Price $0.55
Save 38%
Pool Table Quarter Strip
Our Price $5.95
Save 14%
Ball Dump Spring
Our Price $2.95
Save 25%
Corner/Side Castings Plastic with Chrome Finish (Set of 6)
Our Price $32.95
Save 33%
Leather Web Pocket Set (Set of 6)
Our Price $75.00
Save 10%
Tefco Master Snooker Table Spots (10)
Our Price $1.95
Save 34%
Wood Feather Stripping (Set of 6)
Our Price $19.95
Save 20%
Cushion Facings (Set of 12)
Our Price $5.00
Save 37%
Penguin Bee's Wax
Our Price $4.95
Save 17%
Pool Table Cloth Rail Cutting Service
Our Price $10.00
9ft Pool Table Cushions Set K66 Rubber (6)
Our Price $51.95
Save 20%
Out of stock
Table Chalk Holder
Our Price $4.25
Save 14%
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