APA 3 Butt 5 Shaft Hard Case

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Let's face it - sometimes you just need more space than a 1x1 or 2x2 cue case has to offer. You told us you wanted bigger APA cases, so that's exactly what we've got.

This case features separate tubes to hold three butts and five shafts to protect your shooter, your breaking cue, your jumper and even your backup shaft. Plus, the case features a spacious 15" pocket to hold all your gadgets and accessories.

Additional Info

Colors: Black with Eight ball and wings
Shape: Oval
Material: Vinyl
Length: Fits up to 30" Shaft
Structure: Poured Rubber Mold Casing
Lining: Felt/Soft Cloth
Pocket: 15"
Direction: Shaft Inserts Tip Down
Butt: Butt Inserts Pin Down
Handle: Rubber Grip Handle
Warranty: 1 year Manufacturer

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