Fury MC-5 Snooker Cue CPQ559 - Lightly Use

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Fury MC-5 Snooker Cue CPQ559 - Lightly Use

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Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

Cue Part Score Notes
Tip: 6 Lightly used
Ferrule: 6 Lightly used
Shaft: 6 Lightly used
Joint: 6 Lightly used
Butt: 3 Lightly used  with bubbling under the lacquer throughout the butt end
Grade 5.4

Needing to add a Snooker cue to your collection? Got a buddy needing a smaller mm shaft?! This Fury MC-5 Snooker cue is the perfect answer to those questions.  Our repair department has cleaned up the cue so the tip and shaft are beautiful. There are some cosmetic issues with the butt end. The silver and black carbon fiber wrap is starting to bubble but it has not broke through the lacquer. This is 100% cosmetic and will not jeopardize performance in any way. 

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Additional Information

Certified Pre-Owned
Tip: 11.5mm Katana by Tiger
Ferrule: 3/8" fiber
Shaft: 29" 10 radial spliced Hardrock maple w/straight taper
Collar: Dark brown stain maple
Pin: 3/8 x 8
Piloted: No
Forearm: Dark brown stained maple with metal Celtic rings
Rings: 5 metal Celtic know rings
Wrap: Leather accented by 3 of the metal Celtic rings
Sleeve: Dark brown stained maple with metal Celtic ring
Plate: Dark brown stained maple
Bumper: Black Rubber
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