Riley RILS11 Snooker Cue CPQ1206 / Used

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Riley RILS11 Snooker Cue CPQ1206 / Used
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Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

Cue Part Score Notes
Tip: 5 Slightly used 
Ferrule: 5 Slightly Used 
Shaft: 5 Slighlty Used
Joint: 5 Slightly Used
Butt: 3 Taper deviation
Grade 4.6


Snooker cues are hard to come by and hard to choose the right one for yourself. This Riley RILS11 Snooker cue was returned to our repair department to be refurbished and cleaned up.  The tip still shows signs of chalk residue and the shaft is like new.   The butt near the joint has a slight taper deviation, but the shaft rolls straight.

The cue is a medium which comes in at 18.5oz.

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Additional Information

Certified Pre-Owned
Tip:                                           9.5mm Blue Diamond
Ferrule: 1/4" Brass
Shaft: 28 1/2" Ash Wood 
Collar: Brass
Pin: Quick Release Brass                                       
Piloted: No
Forearm: Ash Wood
Rings: None
Wrap: None
4 point butt with Black points
Plate: None
Bumper: Black rubber
Weight: 18.5oz
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