Skinny Wizzard Q-Blo One Piece Cue

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Skinny Wizzard Q-Blo One Piece Cue

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A big problem with pool cues has always been portability. Pool cues are long, rigid, unwieldy, and difficult to travel with on airplanes. The only reason that two-piece cues exist is because it’s too difficult to try and carry around a long one-piece cue – until now! Introducing, the brand new Skinny Wizzard Q-Blo. A full-sized, 57” one piece cue that you can bring anywhere!

Made from high quality nylon, this cue is fully inflatable. That’s right, inflatable. A conveniently placed air valve on the butt of the cue allows you inflate the Skinny Wizzard Q-Blo with only a few breaths of air. Because this cue is air-loaded, you can adjust the weight down to a fraction of an ounce by either blowing or sucking a little bit of air out of the cue. And when you’re done shooting, all you have to do is release the air, roll up the cue, and you’re done!

If this sounds crazy to you, you’re right. If you’re wondering why we’d carry such a bizarre product, then you must’ve forgotten what today is.


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