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Game Room

Game Room

Everything you need for your gameroom is here at PoolDawg. We carry everything from pool tables and game tables to darts and wall art. With hundreds of items in stock and ready to ship, PoolDawg is the ultimate resource for your home gameroom.

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  1. Darts Clock

    Darts Clock


    Our Price: $49.95

    Save 55%

    Don't shoot! This unique wall clock looks just like a dart board - mixed up numbers and all. (Telling the actual time might be a little tricky, but who is watching the clock anyway?) You'll want to keep your darts away from this board, however. If your game of choice is darts, this clock is sure to fuel your passion for the game. Learn More
  2. Mirrored Billiard Sign

    Mirrored Billiard Sign


    Our Price: $59.95

    Save 25%

    Class up any gameroom with this decorative 27" x 15" mirrored billiard sign. Featuring a oak stained frame and the word "billiards" scripted on a Green and Red background, this mirror is perfect for any gameroom. Learn More
  3. Christmas Ornament Pool Ball Set

    Christmas Ornament Pool Ball Set


    Our Price: $23.95

    Save 4%

    Deck the halls with billiard balls. This fun holiday orniment sent comes complete with a full set of billiard ball ornaments. A great gift for any pool player. Learn More
  4. PoolDawg Pint Glass

    PoolDawg Pint Glass


    Our Price: $5.95

    As low as: $3.95

    Save 14%

    What's better than a frosty one served in a pint glass? How about a frosty one served in a PoolDawg pint glass? These pint glasses are made by Libbey Glassware from thick, durable glass and are made with pride here in the USA. As one of the most respected and trusted names in glassware, you know you're getting a high quality product if the name Libbey is attached to it. Plus, we'd never put our name on any product that wasn't completely awesome. Learn More
  5. Replacement Clip for Cue Racks

    Replacement Clip for Cue Racks


    Our Price  $0.75

    Save 0%

    These clips are replacement clips for most wall racks. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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